Carole Couillard

John Chowns
Co-op, Dual Credits, Business,
Civics and Careers

Lacy Farrell
Vice Principal
Jennifer O'Driscoll
Student Success Teacher

Blair Beaucage
Ojibwe and Current Aboriginal Issues

Alex Armstrong
Math, Environmental Resources, Green Industries

Mark Burns
Math and Physics

Ashley Leblanc
English and Literacy
Monique Sawyer
Graduation Coach

Melanie Beaucage
Physical and Outdoor Education
Sarah Fisher
Educational Assistant
Chelsy Faubert
Educational Assistant
Rodney Commanda
Rosemarie Erb
Hospitality, Visual Art and Fashion
Natasha B
Administrative Assistant
Amanda Bellefeuille
Wellness Lead
Albina Lavictoire
Special Education Teacher
Allen Commanda

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